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Cinnamon Candy by Claey’s Candy: A Comprehensive Amazon Product Review

Cinnamon Candy by Claey’s Candy: A Comprehensive Amazon Product Review


Cinnamon Candy by Claey’s Candy is a delightful treat that has captured the hearts of many candy enthusiasts. This review will delve into the various aspects of this product, including its features, description, and customer feedback, to provide a comprehensive understanding of what makes it a must-have for candy lovers.

About the Product

Claey’s Candy offers a pack of three 6oz cinnamon-flavored hard candies. Known for its unique flavor, this candy is a favorite among those who crave a taste of nostalgia. The product is available on Amazon at a price of $10.75 for 18 ounces, making it an affordable indulgence.

Key Features

  • Brand: Claey’s Candy
  • Flavor: Cinnamon
  • Form: Hard Candy
  • Unit Count: 18.00 Ounce
  • Number of Items: 3

Product Description

The Cinnamon Candy by Claey’s Candy comes in a pack of three, each weighing 6 ounces. The packaging may vary, and the product details provided are for informational purposes only. The candy is known for its old-fashioned charm and delightful cinnamon flavor.

Customer Questions & Answers

While the product page does not specifically list customer questions and answers, the detailed description and customer reviews provide ample information about the product’s taste, quality, and packaging.

By Feature

The product’s main feature is its rich cinnamon flavor, which is both nostalgic and satisfying. The hard candy form ensures a long-lasting taste experience, and the 18-ounce quantity offers value for money.

Top Reviews from the United States

Great Cinnamon Flavor

John R. Stowe III gave the candy a 5-star rating, praising its taste and preferring it over individually wrapped candies.

Almost as Good as Jolly Ranchers

Shantel Ranstrom also rated it 5 stars, simply stating that it’s really good.

Yummy Old Fashion Candy

Joani Chambers expressed her love for the candy, calling it yummy old-fashioned candy, and gave it a 5-star rating.

Tasty Addiction

Barbara Dunevitz is addicted to cinnamon and has ordered this candy several times, rating it 5 stars.

A Lot of Broken Pieces

Kathy, though a regular buyer, found broken pieces in the bags and noticed a different taste in each bag. She gave it a 4-star rating.

Too Mild

Kimbre Lee Hill wished for a stronger cinnamon flavor and rated the candy 4 stars.

Love this Candy

Lib praised the candy as great and expressed her intention to buy again, rating it 5 stars.

Extraordinarily Delicious

Reeni T found the candy extraordinarily delicious, saying it tickled her taste buds, and gave it a 5-star rating.


Cinnamon Candy by Claey’s Candy is a delightful treat that offers a rich cinnamon flavor in a hard candy form. With mostly positive reviews from customers, it stands as a testament to quality and taste. Whether you are a fan of cinnamon or looking for a nostalgic candy experience, this product is worth trying. Its affordability and availability on Amazon make it an accessible indulgence for all candy lovers.


The information provided in this review is based on the details available on the Amazon product page. It is always advisable to read labels, warnings, and directions provided by the manufacturer before using or consuming the product.

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